Files N Folder Sync (Version released)

Bringing to your desktop, this Indian Monsoon, the all new FNFSync. Started with the simple idea - Simple and fast Folder Syncronization tool, it also boasts of few basic options in this alpha version. Like every other Open source application, the success of this application lies on its users, Contributors and user feedbacks, feature requests.

Some Features to boast about:
1) Option to pause, resume or Abort the operation in between. These operations are Atomic, so if we cancel in the middle of a file copy, the operation would be cancelled only after it is copied.
2) We have options of syncronizing, in either direction or both.
3) Syncronizing options also include to Copy non-existent file, overwrite older version of a file or always overwrite destination.
4) We can save the settings we choose.
5) Save the logs as well.

For future use, we have a small message center with optional logging level (that can be defined by us). As mentioned above, we can save the logs.

Since this is alpha version a lot of work is pending. I would like to request users to use it and provide feedback. If users can compare copy performance between different applications doing the same thing, that would help us improve this.

Update: v0.3.5.4 has a bug fix

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